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  • Quality control   ( 10 Articles )
    SLA-monitoring based on IP Quality Monitor (IQM) system. Development and deployment of hardware-software system intended for measurement, monitoring and management of the IP quality parameters: IP packet loss, round-trip delay time, jitter (packet delay variations), available bandwidth (channel capacity). IQM takes into account different classes of service and zone structure of IP network. The IQM system could monitor the number of networks with various requirements for quality parameters. Quality monitoring policies can be applied individually to each test, or to zone-to-zone directions. In addition it is possible to deploy distributed monitoring with number of remote management domains.

  • Security   ( 2 Articles )
    NetProbe provides services of designing, deployment and support for overall network security solutions. Providing solutions are designed for providing of high level security for internet, intranet and local networks with good manageability and scalability.
  • Network Monitoring   ( 1 Article )
    NMS automation.
  • Network Tomography   ( 1 Article )
    Multilevel network infrastructure display including dataflows, quality parameters, interfaces load, hardware status.
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